Integrating Amazon MWS and ERPNext

August 6, 2018

Connecting Amazon MWS to ERPNext

We have realized that a lot of small businesses in India are now selling on various marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart and so on. As the volume of business for SMEs grows via the online channels like Amazon, it is important to develop an integration between their ERP system and the online marketplace. Closed source solutions like tally are not able to easily integrate with online marketplaces. Open source web based ERP Solutions like ERPNext are easily able to integrate with market places like Amazon.

One of our customers, Merchant Machinery Mart was facing a problem of tracking all the Sales Orders they receive via Amazon and also were struggling to manage GST changes in their old invoicing systems.

The solution designed & implemented for them was a complete integrated financial ERP system which involves the following integration points with Amazon
  1. Products
  2. Sales Orders
  3. Amazon Finances
Once the above information flows seamlessly between Amazon and ERPNext, it is easy to get the following information from ERPNext

  • GST Complaint Sales Invoices
  • Amazon Commission Details
  • Stock visibility

A video of the solution implemented for Merchant Machinery Mart is shown below

The code is also contributed to the ERPNext core and is part of the latest develop release (version 11).

In case you are interested in implementing an ERP solution for your business, do write in to us at

Pawan Mehta
Pawan Mehta

Pawan is the Principal Solution Consultant at Open eTechnologies. He helps enterprises implement open source ERP solutions like ERPNext and is also the proprietor of Open eTechnologies.

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DealFanatics September 18, 2021

This integration pulls in all of the FBA transactional expenses as well?

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